Team Photo Composite for GotPhoto

An easy to use software for professional sport photographers to create awesome team photography composites in no time

Drag & Drop players, input number of rows and the magic will start.

Team Photo Composite will automatically distribute players and coaches into the composite, even arranging them in different rows and taking care of the visibility order.

You may select player size, margins, number of rows and players in each row, the application will distribute them for you and apply the best visibility order.

Swapping, automatic feet alignment, changing z-order, all is included. And you may add your own content to create the best composite in no time.

Easy to integrate with predesigned sport templates in Adobe Photoshop: design the composite in Team Photo Composite in a few seconds and export it. 

Sports Team Photography has never been that easy

Team Photo Composite accepts any background, logo, clipart or creative content, just drag & drop it in your composite. You may resize it and place it at any location, also changing z-order to make it visible over or beneath other elements.

Team Photo Composite is the only software able to easily create a personalized composite for each member, it will create a different file for each player placing her/him in the prominent (selected) position. 

Team Photo Composite for GotPhoto

A few steps and you will create a composite in no time:

  • Create a new composite and drag a background to set the size
  • Drag players and coaches, they will be automatically distributed
  • Adjust rows, margins, number of players per row
  • Swap players for best position
  • Drag some content like logos, clipart, fadding decorations 
  • Export.

Try it now

Download now a trial version of Team Photo Composite and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a composite with our software

Team Photo Composite is available for Mac OS X 10.10 or later, all our applications are signed with an Apple certificate and notarized by Apple for a smooth installation

Team Photo Composite is available for Windows 64 bits, our software is signed with a trustworthy certificate for a smooth installation, please follow installer instructions.

Trial version is not limited in time or number of players but a watermark will be added to the image exported into JPG and exporting into PSD has been disabled. Once you purchase a license you may export the composites created with the trial version. 

For Windows: If you receive a “blue window” warning it’s because of Windows reputation scheme which takes some time to process new applications.

If you are a professional sports  photographer, and you have a high volume of composites to design and deliver, then Team Photo Composites is the software you are looking for.
Drag and drop and you will get players distributed in the design really fast, a bit of swap and some add ons and your composite is ready for printing and delivery. 
If you are looking for time then you are looking for Team Photo Composite.  

Team Photo Composite and GotPhoto are now partnering to offer you the best solution for easily creating photo composites.

Take advantage of GotPhoto’s photo management system to easily export images and data into Team Photo Composite software and design an awesome composite in no time.

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Team Photo Composite’s license is for one year and allows you to install and use the software in up to two computers (Mac or Windows) providing the person using it at both computers is only one and the same, for sample in a desktop computer and a laptop.
Once installed you must activate the license at your computer with the details you will receive by email after ordering. 

Images used for tutorials and samples provided by courtesy of Epic Images