Team Photo Composite for GotPhoto

An easy to use software for professional sport photographers to create awesome team photography composites in no time

Effortless Team Composites Made Simple

With Team Photo Composite, creating stunning team photos has never been easier. Just drag and drop players, set your preferences for rows and player sizes, and let the magic unfold.

Our software automatically organizes players and coaches into the composite, handling row distribution, visibility order, and even feet alignment. You have full control to customize player size, margins, and more, while the application ensures the perfect layout.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop templates. Design your composite in Team Photo Composite and export it in seconds. Elevate your team photography effortlessly!

Sports Team Photography has never been that easy

Unleash Your Creativity

Team Photo Composite welcomes all your creative elements with open arms. Simply drag and drop backgrounds, logos, clipart, or any content you desire into your composite. Adjust size, position, and even the z-order to perfectly integrate them with your composition. Your creativity knows no bounds!

Personalized Composites, Simplified

Team Photo Composite stands as the exclusive software capable of effortlessly crafting personalized composites for each member. It automatically generates a distinct file for every player, positioning them in their chosen prominent spot. Your team, your way.

Team Photo Composite for GotPhoto

Crafting Composites Has Never Been Easier:

  • Start a new composite and set the size by dragging your chosen background.
  • Effortlessly drag and drop players and coaches – they’ll be automatically arranged.
  • Fine-tune your composition with adjustable rows, margins, and player per row settings.
  • Optimize player placement by easily swapping positions.
  • Add extra flair with logos, clipart, and decorative elements.
  • Finish up and export your masterpiece in no time.

Try it now

Discover the Ease of Composite Creation with a Free Trial of Team Photo Composite.

Download our trial version today and experience firsthand just how effortlessly you can craft stunning composites using our software. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Team Photo Composite is available for Mac OS X 10.10 or later, all our applications are signed with an Apple certificate and notarized by Apple for a smooth installation

Team Photo Composite is available for Windows 64 bits, our software is signed with a trustworthy certificate for a smooth installation, please follow installer instructions.

Trial version is not limited in time or number of players but a watermark will be added to the image exported into JPG and exporting into PSD has been disabled. Once you purchase a license you may export the composites created with the trial version. 

For Windows: If you receive a “blue window” warning it’s because of Windows reputation scheme which takes some time to process new applications.

For Professional Sports Photographers with High Composite Demands

If you’re a professional sports photographer handling a high volume of composites, Team Photo Composites is your ultimate solution. With seamless drag-and-drop functionality, your players are distributed swiftly within the design. A few swaps and add-ons later, your composite is print-ready and on its way.

When time matters most, choose Team Photo Composite.

Team Photo Composite and GotPhoto are now partnering to offer you the best solution for easily creating photo composites.

Take advantage of GotPhoto’s photo management system to easily export images and data into Team Photo Composite software and design an awesome composite in no time. 

If you are using another photo management system or none at all you can still use Team Photo Composite to easily create your photo composites, just add your images dragging them into the design area.

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Team Photo Composite License: Maximize Flexibility and Convenience

Our Team Photo Composite license grants you one full year of access and permits installation on up to two computers, whether Mac or Windows. The only requirement is that the same individual uses the software on both computers, such as a desktop and a laptop.

Activation is a breeze; simply use the details provided via email after your purchase to activate your license on your chosen computer. Enjoy the utmost flexibility and convenience with Team Photo Composite.

Which is the advantage of using GotPhoto with Team Photo Composite?

The advantage of using GotPhoto in conjunction with Team Photo Composite lies in the seamless integration and streamlined workflow it offers for photographers, particularly those specializing in school and sports photography. GotPhoto is a comprehensive photo management system tailored to the needs of photographers in these industries. Here are some advantages:

  1. Efficient Workflow: GotPhoto simplifies the entire workflow, from capturing images to selling prints and products, and it seamlessly integrates with Team Photo Composite. This means you can efficiently manage your photography business from start to finish.

  2. Online Sales: GotPhoto provides an online platform for selling photos and products directly to customers and parents, making it easy to monetize your photography.

  3. Order Management: It offers tools for tracking and fulfilling customer orders, which can save you time and effort.

  4. Data Organization: GotPhoto helps you manage and organize customer data, making it easier to stay organized and communicate with clients.

  5. Customer Convenience: Clients can conveniently view and purchase photos online, reducing the need for manual order processing and customer inquiries.

Can I use another photo management system or none?

While GotPhoto is optimized for use with Team Photo Composite, you can potentially use other photo management systems or none at all. However, the advantage of using a specialized system like GotPhoto is that it is designed specifically for photographers in the school and sports photography niche, offering features and tools tailored to your needs. Using a dedicated system can often save you time and effort compared to trying to manage these aspects manually or using a generic system that may not have the same level of integration and functionality. Ultimately, the choice of photo management system depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

Images used for tutorials and samples provided by courtesy of Epic Images