Learn how to use Team Photo Composite to create awesome sport team composites in no time

Create, open and save a composite

Create a new composite, open a composite already done, save it and save it renaming for easily reusing it. 

Add players

Shows how to add players using a CSV file like the ones exported by GotPhoto, the main menu or simply dragging files into the design area

The CSV file used for importing players follows the format used by GotPhoto but any CSV file may work if:

  • Each player is identified by one row.
  • Each row has columns (fields) separated by “,” or “;”
  • Each row has at least two columns: one for the group and another for the filename. It doesn’t need to be named “group” and “filename” but it will help as this are the default ones.

Please remember that all image files should be in a subfolder called “files” of the folder where the CSV file is, if this “files” folder is not located the application will prompt for an alternative location.

After loading the CSV file the application will show the “groups” at the Edit – Add players from file option, once you click at one of the groups the “filenames” for this group are loaded into the composite.
The CSV file saves you the time of placing each file belonging to a group into a different folder but if you are not using an automated system like GotPhoto probably it may be easier to use the folders system.

Swap players

Easily swap player positions in the composite, you may even swap a player with one from an external file


Each time you save a composite it will be also saved as a template, Team Photo Composite uses the last saved template for the same number of players to automatically distribute players in the composite and you may at any time select a different template from the drop down menu at top right. 

Row controls

Easily distribute players in a given number of rows automatically optimising size. 

You may adjust players size, number of players per row, left, right and bottom margins and the system will distribute evenly players by head center on each row. 

Icon toolbars

Using the dynamic icon toolbars that appear while hovering the mouse over a player or a clipart you may easily move them, swap players, tilt or resize, changing the z-order and if needed, remove them. 

Learn how to resize and move a background, resize a clipart keeping aspect ratio or correct an image size or inclination. 

Feet masking

Team Photo Composite includes an integrated feature to add a mask to player feets, use two sliders to set the height and gradiento of the mask of all selected players.

Exporting to JPG and PSD

With Team Photo Composite you may export your composite into JPG format with sRGB colour management or as a full layered Adobe Photoshop document if you have installed Adobe Photoshop (CC or equivalent). You may also export a customized version of the composite for each player, the software swaps the selected player position with the rest of players in the composite and saves the result as an independent JPG file.

Export into a predesigned template

Team Photo Composite can easily and fast export the composite into a predesigned template open in Adobe Photoshop. All players will be exported at once into a single layer, includes a fast exporting feature to get a preview of the composite before exporting the high resolution layer.  

From GotPhoto into Team Photo Composite

Using your account at GotPhoto it is very easy to export data and images to be used in Team Photo Composite to create a composite. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to automatically add players and create a composite using a predesigned template in Photoshop or in Team Photo Composite’s own design area; both from exported data in GotPhoto’s management system.

Images used for tutorials and samples provided by courtesy of Epic Images www.epicimages.com